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Daryll Triplett has been a serial entrepreneur and business owner for almost thirty – years. He has failed in certain ventures while also having record-breaking success in others! His foundational philosophy has remained that he has never failed… he just tried something that didn’t work! He learned this in the John Maxwell book “Failing Forward”.

Journey to success

Daryll Triplett continues to grow and apply sound success principles in all his undertakings. He is a World Class sales presenter who has generated in excess of $60,000,000.00 in sales revenue from the platform! He was the host of the nationally acclaimed “Real Talk with Officer Keep It Real” Radio Show which ran for over ten years and aired on over thirty stations nationwide. This one-of-a-kind broadcast was played on stations in Atlanta (1380 Radio), New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas, Tampa, Charlotte and many other major markets.

He is an accomplished and acclaimed public speaker who has hundreds of speaking engagements on his impressive resume. He is certified in Leadership and Development and currently holds his L.M.S.A.C degree. He has stood on stages to inspire and train people all over the world! He has the unique honor and privilege of being a Founding Member of the “All Cops Ain’t Bad, Inc.” a 501c3 organization with a mission of “bridging the gap between cops and the community” and healing the world through laughter!

He loves comedy and often speaks of the fact of being a well established businessman, police officer for almost 30 years, and a father of 10 children! Daryll has performed blue-collar and clean comedy for countless occasions and his unique brand of humor has delighted audiences coast to coast.

He served as a volunteer staff member leading a young men’s small group in his local church. He grew up in Columbus, Ohio and currently resides in Atlanta with his wife and ten children.

What We Do


Daryll Triplett provides training and support to businesses that are in need of a corporate culture change, staff motivation and security awareness.

We specialize in keynote speaking for corporate conferences, training, or celebrations. We provide presentations with the following topics:


Develop talent, create a sense of purpose, & build a culture people love.

Corporate Culture

Build a workplace environment centered on how to attract, engage, motivate & retain talent.

Sales Culture

Building an effective sales process to dominate your marketplace.

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