Daryll Triplett is a talented comedian with a host of colorful character profiles and real-life experiences pulled from 20+ years as a police officer including the irascible “Officer Keep It Real”. Daryll’s unique brand of humor has delighted audiences coast to coast.


Our Back Story

It’s no secret relations between police and the communities in which they serve have been strained lately, particularly in the black community. Well we would like to introduce you to a metro Atlanta police officer that says he wants to change the stigma and is using comedy to do it. Sergeant Daryll Triplett aka “Officer Keep It Real”, has been in law enforcement for 28 years but he was so disturbed about the tensions between cops and the community, he got out for a while but he is back now with a novel idea.

Daryll, believes comedy can break down barriers between cops and the community they serve he says, after seeing Derek Chauvin place his knee on George Floyd's neck he knew he had to do something to bridge the divide. He is returned to law enforcement determined to bring people together.

“When we are talking about this chosen career path of ours, I mean you just have to be a good guy. That makes a good cop! But also having the courage to stand up in the face of other rogue cops when they go rogue and say, you know what this isn’t right, says Daryll”.

Many officers are reluctant to cross the blue line and criticize their own but Daryll, is willing to do that he says. It is important for the public to realize officers or people too, his nonprofit corporation, “All Cops Ain’t Bad” allows officers to let down their hair and perform comedy. Daryll, wants the world to know that, All Cops Ain’t Bad, we’re just like you guys we’re crazy, we have good days, we have bad days and we’re pretty darn gone funny too.


We understand that many people have questions about how or why law enforcement operates the way it does. Or maybe you have a question about how we may assist you. This is your opportunity to Ask-A-Cop a question and I will respond. Chat with a Real Cop for over 30 years and get real answers! 

Nonprofit cause

Bridging the Gap between Cops and the Community

“Is there a way to bridge the gap between cops and the community but through laughter and that’s when All Cops Ain’t Bad came to mind, says Daryll”.

A certain percent of every dollar raised, under the nonprofit corporation, “All Cops Ain’t Bad” we’ll go towards victims of police brutality, or fallen or injured officers’ families.

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