Daryll Triplett is a talented comedian with a host of colorful character profiles and real-life experiences pulled from 20+ years as a police officer including the irascible “Officer Keep It Real”. Daryll’s unique brand of humor has delighted audiences coast to coast.

Laughter is the time-tested medicine that makes life’s realities digestible. Daryll “Officer Keep It Real” Triplett seamlessly intertwines 20+ years of law enforcement experience with tales of marriage and family to create barrier-transcending comedic relief.

Audiences of all ages and stripes are pulled in by Daryll Triplett’s explosive energy, provoked to think by his insight on current events, and pushed to the point of bent-over laughter as Officer Keep It Real collides comedy and life.

Daryll’s journey from humble beginnings in Columbus, Ohio to filming his first hour long stand-up special (All Cops Ain’t Bad) to performing in Atlanta’s premier comedy clubs is one of outstanding achievement.

Being a police officer caused Daryll to take comedy seriously. Although friends and family always encouraged him to participate in talent shows and host impromptu events, it was life in the front seat of a squad car that provided the content and clarity Daryll needed to take his craft to the next level.

A unique perspective on often unbelievable but entertaining tales from 20-years on the Force combined to produce the irascible character, Officer Keep It Real.

Today, Daryll Triplett is a standup comedian, professional emcee and event host, actor, podcast host, radio personality, and business owner. He is the host of “Real Talk with Officer Keep It Real” and plays the lead role in, “Meet The Tripletts”.

Who is Daryll Triplett?

Really, who is Daryll Triplett? I answer the tough questions…
Do I hate gays?
Why use the (N) word?

If you don’t know me after this, well you ain’t trying!

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Mission of Daryll Triplett to Bring Police & Community Together

Veteran officer calls for community relations to improve

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