About Daryll Triplett

Daryll Triplett has come a long way from his modest beginnings in Columbus, Ohio. From the time he was a child, he always enjoyed making people laugh and saw that he had a talent for it but never took seriously until his career as a police officer.

Since then, he’s enjoyed a tremendous amount of success hosting parties, events and the weekly podcast radio talk show, Real Talk with Officer Keep It Real. A show that not only taps into his comedic gifts but one that also provides thought provoking insight on a bevy of current events and social issues that help make it to be one of the most interesting shows on the net to date. As a result, Daryll’s infectious and explosive energy along with his insightful jokes and family‐inspired humor crosses all boundaries. His shows offer truly old school and new school material for the entire family.

Daryll credits the Lord, his family and long police career for his comedic and acting talents. With a firm support function in place from the time he was a child, Daryll has been encouraged to participate in talent shows throughout the years and to hold impromptu performances for his family and friends with resounding results from day one to now.

As a result, he knew that it was “time to take the show on the road”. And so it began!

Daryll’s hard work and success has led to performances at two of Atlanta’ premier comedy clubs, Apache Comedy Club and The Punchline. From his success, it’s inspired a strong Atlanta fan base to follow his comedic path and lead to an even greater fan base throughout the Southeast and now throughout America and Europe. In 2015, Daryll had the “opportunity of a lifetime,” when he was featured in Ride Alone 2 starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.

Daryll pulls inspiration from his family and specifically his wife of 10 years. He has 10 children ranging from the ages of 13-24 years old. Also, Daryll pulls a great wealth of perspective and some of the most entertaining and unbelievable tales of “comedy meets life” tales in his role as a Police Officer over the last 23 years. Experiences that is impossible to gain unless you’ve lived the life of being on the front seat of life like Daryll has.

Daryll is a firm believer in public service and giving back to the community and currently works with the “All Power In His Hands Haitian Christian Mission” to bring awareness to the plight of the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti.

Daryll currently resides in Atlanta, Geo