Wow, pleasantly surprised with overall comedy show. Daryll Triplett aka Officer Keep It Real is as fully as standup comedy assassin Ron White and the Great Bernie Mack.
This was not what I expected! Two minutes into Officer Keep It Real’s comedy show, and the comic addresses the elephant in the room… All Cops Ain’t Bad… so funny!
Straight-Up politically incorrect! This guy is a must see. I wasn’t sure what to expect — seeing an ex-cop doing standup, but I have to say, don’t judge a book by its cover. Great show!
This was very well done. Officer Keep It Real was off the chain…or should I say handcuffs. I have never seen a cop do stand up. Daryll Triplett has definitely raised the bar! Other comics on the bill were also great. I just enjoyed the show. It left me laughing to my sides hurt. I didn’t want it to end. Too funny.

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