Daryll Triplett knows how to make stand up comedy family and kid -friendly. Namely because he’s got (10) kids of his own! With comedy for all ages, Daryll is a force to be reckoned with in the actual game of comedy. So, if you want some of the best material you can share with corporate buddies, in the blue-collar comedy world or with your kids and your kids’ friends, consider him for your next event!

The World's Most Controversial Comedian Cop!

Comedian Daryll Triplett aka “Officer Keep It Real”, believes comedy can break down barriers with comedic relief. Watch as he seamlessly inner-twines almost 30 years of law enforcement, motivational speaking and comedy into a daily dose of fun and laughter.

With Daryll’s explosive personality he will have you and your group crying and rolling on the floor with belly pains… that’s belly pains… of laughter! So, when you’re planning your next event, keep us in mind!

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