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Hey there comedy enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for a wave of laughter with our Monthly Comedy Contest. Not only do you get a chance to enjoy the Joke of the Week, but you also stand a chance to win big – including a $100.00 cash prize for the 100th sign-up!

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🎭 Contest Highlights:

Frequency: Monthly
Prize: $100.00 for the 100th sign-up each month
Joke Submission: Open to all participants
Special Meet and Greet: Stay updated on Daryll Triplett’s shows in your city

🎭 Terms and Conditions:

Participants are automatically entered into the monthly drawing upon sign-up.
Submit your own jokes for consideration in the Joke of the Week feature.
The 100th sign-up of each month wins a cash prize of $100.00.
Details about Daryll Triplett’s shows and meet-and-greet opportunities will be sent to your inbox.

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SIGNUPΒ for the Monthly Comedy Contest, and get ready to be entertained! Don’t miss out on the chance to win $100.00 and possibly meet the comedy legend, Daryll Triplett.

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