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Daryll Triplett: Officer Keep It Real Stand Up Comedian
Over 20 years of law enforcement, now a professional standup comedy artist and an event host

Laughter is the time-tested medicine that makes life’s realities digestible. Daryll “Officer Keep It Real” Triplett, a professional emcee, event host, standup comedian and live stand up performer, seamlessly intertwines 20+ years of law enforcement experience with tales of marriage and family to create barrier-transcending comedic relief. Audiences of all ages and races are pulled in by his explosive energy, provoked to think by his insight on current events, and pushed to the point of bent over belly laughs as Officer Keep It Real causes comedy and life to collide in his funniest standup routines.

Officer Keep It Real

Over 20 years of law enforcement, now a comedian.

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Entertaining The Masses

“Wow, pleasantly surprised with overall comedy show. Daryll Triplett aka Officer Keep It Real compares between standup comedy assassins Ron White and Bernie Mack.”

“This was not what I expected! Two minutes into Officer Keep It Reals, comedy show, the comic addresses the elephant in the room… All Cops Ain’t Bad… so funny!”

“Straight-ahead politically incorrect this is a must see. I was not for sure what to expect seeing an ex-cop doing standup, but I must say, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Great show!”

“This was well done and Officer Keep It Real was at his best. I have never seen a cop do stand up, Officer Keep It Real has definitely raised the bar! The other comics were also great. I just enjoyed the show it left me laughing, wanting more.”

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