Back in 2015, the world witnessed one of the most dramatic and impressive presidential elections, as a former television comedian celebrated a landslide victory against the ex-first lady. Even though Jimmy Morales had no experience running a government or working for one, the Guatemalan people were more willing to trust him to run their country.

The ability of a comedian to transcend their role as a humorous figure and reach out to people at large indicates the growth and weight of stand-up as a political tool. Political comedy is quite popular in North America, with leading names like Jon Stewart, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, and more shaping narratives. Many of them started out as stand-up artists and lean toward the left, while others remain neutral.

Let’s take a look at how stand-up comedy plays a crucial role in politics and political conversations.

Humor is essential to human interaction           

Humorous conversations and jokes have always been a crucial part of the way we socialize and form connections. There’s humor in almost every aspect of our lives, whether it’s irony or a self-deprecating remark. We use jokes as a way to communicate, and in many ways express ourselves and our core beliefs through them. They even reveal our unconscious thoughts from time to time.

It creates more room for thinking

Thought provoking and a conversation starter but more than just an ice-breaker, a stand-up routine is social commentary that makes us think and feel. It’s a way for us to stand up (pun intended) to archaic institutions and structures by making fun of them.

It’s a peaceful way to use didactic methods and logic, coupled with phenomenological experience to break down social behaviors such as micro-aggressions.

It makes it easier to have important discussions

Why is it that we find certain attitudes and behaviors hilarious? It’s because we relate to them, we’ve seen them, and we accept them; hence, we are able to laugh at them. Every now and then, we get the opportunity to reflect on our own behaviors—and stand-up is one of those times.

There is a lot of anger and resentment behind political movements that demand justice and call out people in power. But stand-up shows us that there is also a lot of love and laughter too, and that’s what matters. Professional comedian Daryll Triplett is a stand-up artist who hosts corporate events and provides professional emcee services. The comedian draws from his extensive two-decade professional experience as a law enforcement officer and delivers routines that let him keep it real. To learn more about bookings and tour dates, visit the website. Check out the talk show here!