You may be funny, but that doesn’t automatically mean you have what it takes to go up on stage and entertain a crowd.

Writing a stand-up routine requires effort and commitment. In a hypercompetitive industry, if you aren’t willing to put in the work, you’re not going to get the rewards you’re looking for.

Check out these writing mistakes you’ve got to avoid:

Giving Up Too Quickly

Like with anything else, writing a stand-up routine requires work and practice. When you practice, you get better at identifying what works and what doesn’t.

Making people laugh isn’t easy. What makes one person laugh may make someone else cringe. The key to writing a good stand-up comedy routine is to write content that is relatable and makes people think. Once you have that, you can think about how you’re going to infuse your personality into it and turn up the charm with the delivery.

It can take years to become a successful stand-up comic. The more you practice your routines, the more inspiration you’ll get to write.

Even if you’re struggling, stick with it. If you have a funny bone, you will learn how to write good content.

Looking for Something to Write About

Laughing lama

Yes, it’s true that artists write about their experiences. To find content worthy of writing about, they need to go out and live their life. That being said, stand-up comedians don’t have to wait around for something funny to happen to see the humor in it.

Some of the best comedians in the world are those who struggled with poverty, racism, and violence; there’s a long list of comedians that have led incredibly tragic lives.

The idea isn’t to wait for something funny to happen; it’s to find the humor in everyday things and be able to share it in a way that gets audiences to laugh.

Not Writing Like Your Life Depends On It

There’s no doubt that some people are blessed with a natural wit and charm, which aid their comedy routine, but even they spend hours on their writing.

Upcoming comedians often undermine the amount of work that goes into writing good comedy. Spending only a few hours on a routine isn’t enough. Seasoned comedians write a single joke numerous times before they figure out the best way to say something.

In a recent Paley Fest Interview, late-night show host, Seth Meyers, stated that he filters through 200 hundred jokes every night and only 10 to 15 of them make the final cut.

That’s the sort of work you should expect to put into writing for a stand-up routine. Perfecting 30 lines of a joke can take hours, so be ready to put in the work.

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