We’re dealing with a global crisis, ongoing riots, record-breaking unemployment rates, natural disasters, and so much more that’s enough to keep you up at night.

Research shows that we’re more anxious than we’ve ever been in recent decades. It’s no surprise considering all that we’re going through.

But even in these stressful times, it helps to take a moment to laugh a little. From Tiffany Haddish to Kevin Hart, many top stand-up comedians will tell you that laughter is the best medicine.

It’s gotten them through the toughest times, and their contagious positive energy can help you get through this year too!

Here’s why laughter is the best medicine:

It’s A Natural Anti-Depressant

Have you been popping pills to stop feeling low? Laughter is a much better solution. It’s not going to leave you with dangerous side-effects.

Laughter works like an anti-depressant. It stimulates the release of neurotransmitters like serotonin in the body, so we feel happy and content—all positive feelings that we can use right now.

It’s Good For Your Heart

Girl sitting and laughing loud

It’s not just a saying; laughter really is good for the heart and soul. We know from medical research that laughing reduces inflammation in the body, which, in turn, makes our blood vessels and heart healthier.

By reducing stress, we alleviate inflammation and boost the health of our immune system,making us less prone to illness. 

It Boosts Your Brain

Have you ever noticed how energetic you feel after you’ve walked out a fun movie or a stand-up comedy show?

That’s because laughter boosts our brain’s connectivity. When we laugh, our brain is making numerous connections at once. It lights up various regions of our brain and sends connections to various portions of the brain and body.

As we laugh, our brain is hard at work to decipher all the communication it’s receiving; this increased activity in the brain gives us the boost of energy we need.

So do yourself a favor and take a little time during the week to laugh a little.

If you’re desperately looking for a break from your daily lives and need a good laugh, you’ve come to the right place.

Daryll Triplett, aka Officer, Keep It Real, is a must-see professional stand-up comedian who’s performing in clubs all over Louisville and Atlanta. Check out the next stops on his tour and submit an inquiry for bookings